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Top 5 branded handmade candles

Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of amazing looking handmade candles. It fascinates me how candle makers seem to have such a keen eye in representing their brand. Maybe it’s because the internet is still lacking a smell technology, and these brands are recruiting your eyes to convince you, you need this candle in your home?

Though you can’t judge a book by its cover or a candle by its container, these five Brilliantly Branded Handmade Candles (try to say that a few times in a row!), are definitely on my wish list!

1. Aacute

Sisters Julie and Kelly were inspired by the many people they met in Melbourne’s creative community, which led to their decision to make stuff. With a clear vision on sustainability in mind, all candles are created from hypoallergenic, clean-burning organic soy and selected wood wicks. The candles are made to order and are hand poured in small batches.

Most curious making scent: Gingerbread men: “(..) it is a sensory experience from carefully sourced scents that tantalizes your sweet tooth”.

Fun Fact: Next to candles, they also create geometric jewellery.

2. Black Arrow Candles

Black Arrow Candles are made by a husband and wife team in Sydney. Karina had made candles before, but only when she made a candle into a white vessel and uploaded it onto Etsy – Black Arrow was born. All candles are made from 100% soy wax and ‘crafted to be boldly eco-friendly’.

Fun Fact: The cork absorbs a lot of the candle’s scent and can be put into a drawer or anywhere else you want to ‘infuse some deliciousness’.

Most Curious Making Scent: Vanilla Panna Cotta: “The Vanilla Panna Cotta scent instantly transports you to an enchanted realm where you are embraced by bewitching desserts and rich, delicious aromas. ”

3. Circle 21 candles

The makers of Circle 21 candles have a deep love for travel, and the memories of these far-flung places are captured into these fragranced candles. The candles are hand-poured into cleaned wine bottles, labels are stamped with fragrance name, and corks are hot iron branded.

Most Curious Making Scent: Clubhouse – “Citrus, fruit and geranium combine with undertones of wood, musk and a hint of Jamaican Rum.”

Fun Fact: There’s a scent sampler available to try before you buy!

4. Scandinavisk

Two English gentlemen bring you the Nordic Scent with their Scandinavisk candles. One living in Copenhagen, the other in Stockholm, they realised they wanted to share the Scandinavian lifestyle with the world. And as Scandinavians are big on candles, they decided to catch the diversity of Scandinavia in their hand-poured candles. The naming is an especially nice touch.

Most Curious Making Scent: Hav – “Infused with notes of water flora, driftwood, sea froth and fresh air.”

Fun Fact: A small family owned church candle making firm in Copenhagen created the recipe for their unscented candles over 50 years ago.

5. P.F. Candle Co

P.F. is a husband and wife duo that started pouring candles in 2008 under their name P.F. Candle Co. Since they have involved into a small batch candle company, with 9 staff members (and a dog which is always helping sniffing out the next big scent). Made from soy wax, fine fragrance oils and cotton-core wicks, the candles come in an apothecary-inspired amber jar and a twist-on brass lid.

Most Curious Making Scent: Summer Breeze – “With a heart of sandalwood and a light vanilla musk as a base, and essential oils of anise and lime giving a harmonious finish: this candle is a bit like a tropical vacation in a jar”

Fun Fact: P.F. stands for Pommes-Frites, which sounds pretty similar to P.F. founder Kristen’s last name, “Pumphrey”.